Paryushan 2019


Paryushan Parva – 2019
Start Date: August 26 (Monday)
End Date: September 2 (Monday)

Why is Paryushan special this year in JCM?

Vir Sainiks

Continuing the tradition started from last 2 years, JCM has invited 2 Vir Sainiks (trained under the world renowned Yugpradhan Acharya- Pujya Panyas Shri Chandra Shekhar Vijayji Maharaj Saheb) from Tapovan ( to help us conduct our Paryushan Parva rituals in line with the rituals in India.

Key Highlights:

  • Every Day: Morning Pratikraman, Ast Prakari Pooja, Chauvihar (Dinner), Evening Pratikraman, Aarti and Mangal Divo.
  • On Selected Days: Lunch and Bhavna (Prabhu Bhakti).
  • Every Day Morning Pravachan: Paryushan Pravachan of Barsasutra, Kalpasutra, Ashtanhika Pravachan (please refer below schedule).
  • Every Day Evening Pravachan / Event: (please refer below schedule).

Morning Paryushan Pravachan Topics:

  • Day-1: Monday, August 26 – Ashtanhika Pravachan
  • Day-2: Tuesday, August 27 – Ashtanhika Pravachan
  • Day-3: Wednesday, August 28 – Ashtanhika Pravachan
  • Day-4: Thursday, August 29 – Kalpasutra Pravachan
  • Day-5: Friday, August 30 – Kalpasutra Pravachan
  • Day-6: Saturday, August 31 – No Lecture, Pooja at Temple
  • Day-7: Sunday, September 1 – No Lecture, Pooja at Temple
  • Day-8: Monday, September 2 – Barsa Sutra Vanchan

Evening Pravachan Topics:

  • Day-1: Monday, August 26 – Namaskar Bhav
  • Day-2: Tuesday, August 27 – The Value of Manav Bhav
  • Day-3: Wednesday, August 28 – The Essence of Jin Sashan
  • Day-4: Thursday, August 29 – No Pravachan (due to Pakkhi Pratikraman)
  • Day-5: Friday, August 30 – Shri Sankheshwar Tirth Bhav Yatra
  • Day-6: Saturday, August 31 – No Pravachan (due to Swapna Darshan Celebration)
  • Day-7: Sunday, September 1 – No Pravachan (due to Sangi at Parna Host Family)
  • Day-8: Monday, September 2 – No Pravachan (due to Samvatsari Pratikraman)

Paryushan Detailed Program (in PDF):
Please refer the provided link at the end of this message.

Food Arrangements:
We have Lunch and Chauvihar (Dinner) arrangements on most of days during Paryushan. Please provide your RSVP for food count in the provided link at the end of this message.

Janma Vanchan & Swapna Celebration:
2 to 4:30 PM, August 31, Saturday – at the Temple Auditorium

  • Kalpasutra/ Mahavir Janma Vanchan by Vir Sainiks
  • Discussion on significance of each Swapna by Vir Sainiks
  • Sangh Darshan of Swapna by sponsor families
  • Boli for “Parna” and “Laxmiji Swapna”
  • Note: Parna Sponsor couple will be “Prabhu Mahavir’s Mata and Pita” during the ceremony. They will be on stage during Swapna celebration and do bahuman of all Swapna sponsors during the event and get opportunity to do “FIRST” swinging of Parna after Janma Vanchan. They also get opportunity to carry “Parna” during Procession.
  • Aarti and Magal Divo after the Swapna Celebration event
  • Dinner and Evening Pratikraman at the temple

Sangh Vargodo (Procession):
4:30 to 5:30 PM, August 31, Saturday – at the Temple

  • Vargoda (Procession) will go around the Hindu temple (half circle or less) – as weather permits.
  • Swapnas, Parna, Kaplasutra, and Barsa Sutra sponsors will get opportunity to carry them during Procession.
  • We have Garba, Dandiya, and Bhakti on Jain Stavans during Sangh Vargodo.

Swapna Sponsorship:
Each swapna (except Laxmiji) can be sponsored by 2 families on first come first serve basis. We have token sponsorship (nakro) of $100 for each swapna (except Laxmiji).

Aarti Sponsorship:
We have Hindi Aarti, Gujarati Aarti, and Mangal Divo after Sangh Vargoda (Procession) during Swapna Celebration event. Each Aarti can be sponsored by 3 families. We have token sponsorship (nakro) of $100 for each Aarti In case of more than 3 requests, we will do lucky draw during Swapna Celebration event.

“Parna” and “Laxmiji Swapna” Boli:
The labh of “Parna” and “Laxmiji Swpana” will be given by BOLI during Swapna Celebration event.

“Kalpasutra” and “Barsa Sutra” Boli:
The labh of “Kalpa Sutra” and “Barsa Sutra” will be given by “Pooja / Navkarwali” BOLI during during Swapna Celebration event.

Samvatsari Pratikraman:
Time and Place TBD, September 2, Monday.

  • Monday, September 2 – Sangh Samavatsari Pratikraman
  • Time and Place will be provided soon. There are some logistic issues at the Hindu Temple due to long weekend and Ganesh Chaturthi. We appreciate your understanding and support.
  • Separate English Pratikraman will be also conducted by Shri Ram Gada.

Samuhik Sangh Parna:
9 to 11 AM, September 3, Tuesday – at the Temple

  • Tuesday, September 3 – Samuhik Sangh Parna

Host Families:
Seema & Rajpal Jain Family (Day-1 to Day-5)
6600 Kenney pl, Edina, MN 55439

Archana & Bijal Shah Family (Day-6 to Day-8)
5822 Vernon Lane, Edina, MN 55436

Gani Anumodna to host families for hosting Vir Sainiks and having Paryushan Program at their home.

Schedules & RSVP links
Click below at each link:
Paryushan – 2019 Schedule
Paryushan Food RSVP Link
Swapna Sponsorship Link

Your Feedback
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JCM 2019 Board & Paryushan Planning Team