JCM 2019 Education Committee Proudly Announce

Jain Swadhyay (Panel Discussion)

“Jain Philosophy – Six Essentials (Avashyaka)


Date:  February 172019  (Sunday)


Venue:  Hindu Mandir Auditorium, Maple Grove

What are “Six Essentials (Ävashyaka)”?

The soul, in its pure form, has infinite perception, infinite knowledge, infinite vigor, and infinite bliss.   These attributes are not realised by a worldly soul because it is smeared with karmas. The karmas are mainly due to four passions (Kashäya); anger, ego, deceit and greed.
Tirthankars  have  expounded  on  many  ways  to  free  us  from  these  four  Kashäya  to  attain Moksha.   One of the ways is a daily practice of six Ävashyaka (essentials).   Practicing six essential rites with true faith helps us progress spiritually.   These six essential rites are to be practiced daily.

Six Essential Observances of Shvetämbar-Tradition are:
  • Sämäyika 
  • Chauvisattho
  • Vandanä  
  • Pratikraman  
  • Käyotsarga 
  • Pratyäkhyän / Pachchakhän
Six Essential Observances of Digambar-Tradition are:
  • Devapujä 
  • Gurupästi  
  • Swädhyäy
  • Self restraint / Sanyam
  • Tap 
  • Dän

Please refer below link for more information. Please come with your questions / thoughts to discuss during Q&A session during Swadhyay (Panel Discussion).

Kid’s Arrangement:
We have a special arrangement for kids in a separate room during Swadhyay, if you prefer.

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