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Upcoming Event will be announced soon.
Important Links

JCM Event Calendar
Created JCM Event Google Calendar and linked it to the JCM website
Provided feature to sync the Google Calendar with phones to get reminders
If you haven’t utilized this feature, follow this link: LINK
For iPhone users, additionally click this LINK to sync JCM calendar with your iPhone calendar. 

Online Membership Form
Online membership form is now available on JCM website.If you are planning to renew your annual membership or become a new annual or Lifetime member, please complete the Application Form.

Pay your Dues
Mail your check to JCM Treasurer Bhavin Shah.

Bhavin Shah
532 Eastwood Ct.
MN 55123

Alternately, you can make payments using below link:
Your Feedback
If you have any suggestion or feedback for the JCM Board please feel free to contact us  at Jain.Center.Mn@gmail.com.
JCM 2019 Board