2020 Events

Note: The below listed JCM 2020 events schedule is tentative. JCM Board may add/delete/change date of any published event for logistics or other reasons.

 MonthEventDatePlaceEvent Info.Recorded Event SteamingPhoto
1Jan.Sangatith Pooja26th January, 2020 (Saturday)Hindu TempleLinkLinkLink
2Feb.Swadhyay23rd February, 2020 (Sunday)Hindu Temple AuditoriumLink LinkLink 
3Apr.Mahavir Janma Kalyanak18th April, 2020 (Saturday)OnlineLink
4Jun.KALP – Science Project (Solar System)6th June, 2020 (Saturday)OnlineLink
5Jun.KALP – Science Project (Aeromodelling)13th June, 2020 (Saturday)OnlineLink
6Jun.KALP – Coding Program (Animation)20th June, 2020 (Saturday)OnlineLink
7Jun.Dhaja ceremony “Online”27th Jun, 2020 (Saturday)OnlineLinkLink
7Jun.KALP – Coding Program (Game)28th Jun, 2020 (Sunday)OnlineLink
8AugParyushan MahaPrava15th Aug, 2020 to 22nd Aug, 2020Online